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*opens up a book in some unknown language - attatching a babelfish clip filter to the top so you can read it - entitled Anomolous Existences, A Brief History, volume 6 - Terrestrial Entities and Sentiences*

*skips past own entry,  and stops on the following page*

text, with citationsCollapse )


*sets a single spice cake in the middle of the table at grandad's house*

*puts a candle on it and lights it, staring at the flame for a bit...finally*

happy birthday, uncle giac...wherever you are now.

*blows out the candle*

*goes upstairs to my room*

*watches captain jack and doctor owen take suzie to a recovery room*

*watches grandpa ianto try to calm down dafydd*

*seems like everyone's got things under control for now, so leaves them to it*

*goes back into tardis, unnoticed in all the fuss*

*wanders past the console room and through an empty corridor, vaguely wondering where manny went...hopes he hasn't gone to say hi to anyone before i could warn them he was back*

*goes to an empty room and slides down against the wall in a corner*

*takes off glasses*

*rests forehead on knees, and stays that way for a very long time*

*staring down at manny's body, laid out on the exam table*Collapse )


*goes back to tardis after questioning noxs and talking to dafydd about gallifrey blowing up*

*takes dafydd and sarah home*

*goes to bedroom, still thinking about gallifrey and the academy and everyone that's gone now*

*picks up a framed photograph from the bed table*

*looks at the picture of me and my adoptive gran on our last earth holiday*Collapse )

*finally kisses the photo and puts it back*

...miss you. r'yldvratsch'yn.

*picks up a book and reads self to sleep*


*leaves uncle jimmy in the hub, and drags danny back into my tarids*

okay, danny. this is a new game. a maths game. it's got probabilities and sequences and predictions and everything in it. you like probabilities, right?

*calls something up on a monitor*
okay, dad...what was it you wanted to talk to me about?
 hi danny. how'd the football with harley go?

oh, and i found you something that might help explain a little better what football is.

*hands you a pamphlet from a certain well-known british football team*
*wakes up after about three days sleeping in tardis*

hi suzie. is that a normal human breakfast? it's pretty big.

*wishes there were avacado-stuffed beetroots, but politely doesn't say so*
*goes to grandpa ianto and granny caeth's place*

dafydd? are you here? i've got something i need to ask you about.