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death and time

my poetry!blog

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i am time's child, born of a broken home and mixed parentage...which should make me the universe's perfect broody poet.

i'm short, adopted, smart (top of my class at the academy), and one-quarter terran. i like exploring different places and times. i can do most things, actually, so learning stuff isn't a prob.

i started this blog to store some of my poems in, and to see if i could suss the earth technology (which i did in like two seconds). i also wanted to learn more about the early 21st century terran internet culture. b-cos' it is my heritage, yo.

here are some snaps from my hol's:

i got my tardis learner's permit last cycle and did a bit of sightseeing. (yes, i know i'm not supposed to drive alone until i reach advancement, but gran - my adopted gran - lets me go pretty much wherever i want. she rocks, for an old crumbly.)


here's a nice snap i had done at a portait studio in paris a la fin du siecle. the moulin rouge was okay, i s'pose, but not all it was cracked up to be.

me on the titanic

i think the cabin boy told me to smile right before this pic was taken. pleb. anyway, this is a snap of me on board the titanic...it got a bit wet i'm afraid. (the photo i mean, not the titanic. tho that did too.)


and finally, here i am in a munitions factory at the end of world war two. jeez, thank the rass' that dorky eyeglasses didn't stand out in that era, eh? (thanks for the sucky eye genes, dad.)

Torchwood Archives
Security Clearance 136-A file:/home/classified/subjects/doctor-the/gate-family/members

Case File: #000010619055
Subject: Pfredvoratrelundar-Gate

Offspring of the Doctor (see file:/home/classified/subjects/doctor-the/ subj. ident. lonely_god). Mother unknown; best estimates point to Gallifrey's last standing President -- see file:/home/classified/subjects/doctor-the/additional/ subj. ident. the_lady_romana...present whereabouts unknown). IMPORTANT: the 'p' in subject's name is silent.

Physically appears to be a 14-year-old girl, although is probably much older; ideo: Gallifreyan biology. Threat level unknown (although have witnessed subject become intensely hostile at people mispronouncing her name) -- possible biodata anomalies arising from multiple-timestream conception? Subject highly intelligent. Also a bit odd.

Recommend: minimal surveillance.

WARNING: FILE DELETED Authorization 136-A/#000011514686 ident. user: ianto_jones


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